Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

english ;)

my love.
imagine words,
ravishing within my mind,
enthralling fear and hope -
within a moments thought;
enquiring my inner truth,
evolving to an inner state
of mine.

imagine beauty, still,
and motion
duelling the staggering cold,
eradicating doubt, seclusion,
bringing light and fire,
lasting, growing warm
and trembling
sweetly, promising
the world.

but there,
denying spacetime,
haunted by a wicked darkness,
the utmost destined place
for you
is waiting calmly, resting.
the only spot within this universe
to rise and match the brightness
of your heart.
for you, my true and only star,
my sun,
my love,
are real,

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